The Centre for Conservation of Cultural Property is one of the largest institutions in Sweden dealing with preservation and conservation of cultural property. The experts at the Centre supports several national institutions; museums, libraries and archives. The Centre consists of three departments: Digitisation, Conservation of Metals & Archaeological Materials and Conservation of Paper. The Swedish government decided in 1986 to establish the Centre for Conservation of Cultural Property in Kiruna. The town is located in the most northern part of Sweden, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Where one can experience the mid-night sun during summer, and during the long winters, the northern lights.

Department of Digitisation is a part of the national digitisation of Swedens cultural heritage, producing digital files that can make the material easier accessable to the public. The department foremost digitise a wide range of photographic material – glassnegatives, slides and plastic film. The images ranges from the early beginnings of photographs until today. The department also provides digitisation of larger originals, formats up to +A0.

Department of Conservation of Metals & Archaeological Materials preserves metal objects from the past to present. The department also treats inorganic archaeological materials, derived mainly from the time of the Vikings (800-1050 A.D) and from the Swedish medieval era (1050-1527 A.D).

Department of Conservation of Paper deals mainly with conservation and mounting of prints and documents, in addition to conservation of older books and photographs.


Stiftelsen Föremålsvård i Kiruna
Arent Grapegatan 20
SE - 981 32  KIRUNA
+46 (0)73 8299145